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Nokia: where good ideas go to die

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Guardian si interroga sulla scomparsa di Dopplr (acquisita da Nokia, esattamente un anno fa) e mette insieme un’immagine inedita di Nokia – azienda distruggitrice di valore grazie ai disastri compiuti con le ultime (mica tanto ultime, poi) acquisizioni.

When bought: September 2009
How much: $20m (est)
What happened next: nothing, apparently. “We have decided to bring it into a maintenance mode… but will not develop it further at this stage”

When bought: June 2008
How much: €264m
What happened next: it made Symbian open source and based its phones on it.

When bought: October 2007
How much: $8.1bn
What happened next: Nokia phones now include free sat-nav.

When bought: March 2010
What happened next: nothing visible.

When bought: July 2009
What happened next: nothing visible. The last mention of Cellity on Nokia’s site is in 2009.

When bought: September 2009
What happened next: visitors to have fallen to a tenth of those a year ago.

When bought: August 2010
What happened next: Motally customers were told accounts would be closed.

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