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Cipro, in breve

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Dal blog di P.Krugman, sul NYT:

So, a quick summary: The Germans don’t want a Cyprus collapse / exit from the euro, but they also don’t want the spectacle of German taxpayers bailing out Russian money-launderers. So what they did instead was blackmail Cyprus into having Cypriot depositors bail out Russian money-launderers. That way Germany’s hands are clean.

Am I missing something?

Keynes forever

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Draghi oggi si è mosso esattamente come Krugman avrebbe voluto si muovesse. E difatti eccone i commenti.

Nota. Poi, tempo permettendo, ripesco i vecchi testi di Economia dell’MBA, e pubblico un bigino keynesiano, una sorta di IS-LM per dummies.

“Fifty Shades of Grey” without the sex

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Il commento di Krugman sullo speach di Ryan alla convention GOP in Florida.

No, I didn’t watch it. Still, I get the essence. The GOP campaign is based on five main themes, three negative and two positive.


  • The claim that Obama denigrated businessmen, saying that they didn’t build their own firms — which isn’t true.
  • The claim that Obama has gutted Medicare to pay for the expansion of health insurance — which isn’t true.
  • The claim that Obama has eliminated the work requirement for welfare — which isn’t true.


  • The claim that Ryan has a plan to balance the budget — which isn’t true.
  • The claim that Romney has a plan for economic recovery — which isn’t true. (The Economist: “The Romney Programme for Economic Recovery, Growth and Jobs” is like “Fifty Shades of Grey” without the sex).

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