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Cipro, in breve

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Dal blog di P.Krugman, sul NYT:

So, a quick summary: The Germans don’t want a Cyprus collapse / exit from the euro, but they also don’t want the spectacle of German taxpayers bailing out Russian money-launderers. So what they did instead was blackmail Cyprus into having Cypriot depositors bail out Russian money-launderers. That way Germany’s hands are clean.

Am I missing something?

Solo loro

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L’Economist (noto settimanale leninista) si schiera contro la decisione europea di tassare i conti correnti Ciprioti.

It is not a fudge, but it is still a failure. The euro zone’s bail-out of Cyprus, which was sealed in the early hours of Saturday, did get the bill for creditor countries down from €17 b to €10 b, as had been rumoured. But the way it did so was somewhat unexpected. (…) Whatever the rationale, it is a mistake for three reasons (…)

E a scanso di equivoci su ciò che potrebbe accadere in Italia, sempre l’Economist sta già twittando cose del genere:

EconomistCharlemagne ‏@EconCharlemagne CY Deposit tax is precursor to IT wealth tax? RT @europatweets: German Commerzbank Suggests Wealth Tax In Italy Next

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