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V come Gay

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Hai la carta di imbarco in tasca. Passaporto. iPad. Kuala Lumpur. Malesia. Valigia pronta. T-shirts, jeans, magliette a V (V-neck t-shirts). Roba leggera, insomma. E una bella borsa a tracolla Timbukt2. Tutto รจ pronto.

Pronto. Quasi.

Your deep-V’s aren’t welcome here. The Malaysian government has begun organizing seminars aimed at helping parents and teachers identify latent homosexuality in children. One of the principal warning signs? V-neck T-shirts.(…). According to Asian media outlets, other tell-tale signs of homosexuality for men include carrying “big handbags, similar to those carried by women”, wearing tight, light-colored clothes and possessing a “chiseled” physique.

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