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Bel videocollage – con personaggi di rilievo a supporto. Paul Krugman incluso.



Segnalo anche parere di Bill Maher su Huff Post: bene fare manifestazioni. Ora pero’, prendendo spunto dal Tea Party, forse sarebbe ora di mettere dei candidati sulla scheda elettorale, altrimenti il movimento restera’ qualcosa di carino e pittoresco, mentre Paul Ryan potrebbe essere a un passo dalla Presidenza…

“Instead of organizing interstate hootenannies, maybe it’s time for Occupy Wall Street to actually participate in the American political process. That means, boring stuff like canvassing neighborhoods, raising money, running candidates for office, manning phone banks and making a baby with John Edwards.

He went on to explain why this new course would help OWS have a greater impact on the political process: “Three years ago the Tea Party was just a few hundred retired diabetics angry at blacks and gays for making them feel old, but now they have 62 seats in congress.”

Ho l’impressione che sia già sulla buona strada per diventare qualcosa di carino e pittoresco…

Carino e pittoresco…

OCCUPY FIZZLES – NYT’s Andrew Ross Sorkin: “It will be an asterisk in the history books, if it gets a mention at all. A year ago this week, the Occupy Wall Street movement got under way in Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan … While the movement’s first days did not receive much news coverage, it soon turned into a media frenzy … But now, 12 months later, it can and should be said that Occupy Wall Street was – perhaps this is going to sound indelicate – a fad. …

“Has the debate over breaking up the banks that were too big to fail, save for a change of heart by the former chairman of Citigroup, Sanford I. Weill, really changed or picked up steam as a result of Occupy Wall Street? No. Have any new regulations for banks or businesses been enacted as a result of Occupy Wall Street? No. Has there been any new meaningful push to put Wall Street executives behind bars as a result of Occupy Wall Street? No.”

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