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Live in Italy never easy.

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La rivista neo-radical-chic eco-friendly global & sustainable Monocle pubblica questo mese l’ennesima lista delle Top 25 città dove vivere. E’ il Most Liveable Cities Index. La lista è qui, a pagamento. La mappa invece è qui (e c’è pure un video ipertrendy, qui).

Posizione. Città (posizione anno precedente)
1. Zurigo (4)
2. Copenhagen (1)
3. Tokio (3)
4. Munich (2)
5. Helsinki (5)

Per quanto la lista possa essere discutibile, è interessante il commento sulle città Italiane. Tale commento, parziale, si trova qui (il resto, again, a pagamento).

For a third year running, Italian cities failed to make our list. Though attractive spots for 48 hours of sightseeing or shopping, more needs to be done for their residents. Take public transport. Poorly funded and chronically late, the number of commuters on buses and trams actually fell in 2008. With most people behind the wheel, city centres are gridlocked and pavements used as makeshift car parks. Rome alone notches up 70 cars for every 100 inhabitants – Paris has just 26.

E poi, su Milano.

Bike sharing has been introduced, but cyclist face a fregmented network and fight for space with pedestrians. Official should look to Copenhagen, with nearly five times the cycle lanes and synchronized traffic lights (…).

Infine, una nota di speranza.

In their favour, Italy’s metropolises rank high for their food and cafè culture, enviable climate and wealth of cultural offerings. With more nimble public services and better infrastructure, a few could soon make the grade.



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