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Jon Stewart invita Jim Cramer ieri notte al Daily Show, e lo bastona in una indimenticabile puntata.

Memorabili alcune parti dello show. Stewart, diventato improvvisamente serio, incalza Craimer, dicendogli

I want Jim Cramer on CNBC to protect me against that Jim Cramer.

L’intero episodio del Daily Show è qui.

Nel frattempo David Swensen, chief investment officer di Yale University, di cui Cramer è Alumno, dice la sua sui suggerimenti finanziari di Cramer.

Educated at Harvard College and Harvard Law School, Cramer squanders his extraordinary credentials and shamelessly promotes stunningly inappropriate investment advice to an all-too-gullible audience. Jim Cramer exemplifies everything that’s wrong with the advice that is given to individual investors. Investing is a serious business. We’re talking about retirement security of American citizens, and he turns it into a game. It’s a game where his listeners lose. It’s ridiculous. These high-turnover, rapid trading strategies enrich the brokers. If you look at Jim Cramer’s approach on an after-fee, after-tax basis, the individual doesn’t have a chance.

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