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The world is full of fools.

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Dal Times online.

As for Mr Berlusconi’s claim that only “imbeciles” would fail to see that his description of Mr. Obama was a compliment, all you can say is, in that case, the world this week is full of fools.


Pray sir, where is the offence by saying a person’s colour of skin? Or are some people more equal than others that they deny others to be allowed to describe the colour of their own skin? By denying the fact that a person is half-cast you are implying there is something to be ashamed of. By admitting a person is what he or she is, you are complimenting them. Do you and others like you want to deny Obama his right to be half-cast? Then you are right- the world is full of fools.

Eva, please recall his words. He didn’t say black. He stay suntanned. This may bring to a different meaning and perspective.

Said that, Mr. Berlusconi is one of those individuals who still sees the world in white and not-white. Who still sees Italy as a country of “dickhead” communists and not-communists (his words, please check). Who sees the planet as a place with a superior civilization (the western) and then Islam (his words, please check).

Mr. B. is an anachronistic 76 years old individual. World is changing. He is not. The problem is that this individual is bringing the country to its deepest crisis. Not just economic; we can survive to that. It is the deepest crisis of values I have ever seen in 40 years.

Please Eva, take a look at facts, and review your perspective.

I don’t particularly adore Berlusconi- but I feel much lighter in spirit now he’s in charge than when we had a cloud of stagnation lasting over 2 years. I’m not sure the view you describe is his view- after all he thinks he can walk on water so you really are underestimating him. And of course B could not say Obama is black- because he just isn’t, he is half-white as Obama said yesterday, I am getting a little puppy for my girls, a “bastardino” half black half white like mysself. I think it’s you who is still living in a narrow-minded world, if you pardon me saying so.

It’s good to have different opinions. Just don’t be trapped in the B communication style, very friendly and attracting…

You, as an outsider, should have a more clean opinion and point of view.

Excuse me, but my opinion is never dirty- Actually I don’t think you meant to be offensive-I think you mean CLEAR opinion. Just for the record a dirty opinion is referred to something ponographich usually.
By the way, Obama too has, had a fantastic communication style, friendly, attractive… just like Berlusconi… don’t….

Clear, not clean.

Eva, you are comparing Obama’s comm style with B’s one. Better to not comment, here.

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