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Psicogarbage (psicomunnezza).

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Der Spiegel racconta, con grande ricchezza di dettagli, come un pool di psicologi volontari sia pronto a partire per la Campania, con il compito di sensibilizzare i cittadini allo smaltimento dei rifiuti e, soprattutto, al suo riciclaggio.

“We’re not talking about psychology in the way that many people understand it,” Luigi Ranzato, president of the group Psicologi per i Popoli, which is sending the psychologists, told SPIEGEL ONLINE. “Instead, we will be there to try to help introduce a sensibility about garbage disposal to, for example, the old and the young. They need to learn how to separate the garbage so that it doesn’t become an inconvenience for their daily life”.

Sensibilizzare i napoletani. Insegnare il riciclaggio con metodi didattici. Se mai arriveranno.

But stopping that slip into chaos might have to wait just a bit longer. Berlusconi’s “Angels of Garbage” haven’t yet arrived, and Ranzato says his psychologists haven’t begun working in Naples either. “We were supposed to start in late June,” he said. “But you know how the concept of time in Italy has its own logic…”

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