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Fashion Cities of 2008.

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Secondo l’autorevole (??!) le dieci città della moda più in del mondo sono.

New York (1) – No. 1 for the fifth year running.
Rome (2) – The Eternal City, again, a strong No. 2.
Paris (3) – Perhaps No. 1 in the world’s hearts and mind – but not the media’s.
Milan (5) – Overtakes London in this survey.
London (4) – The Elite Five far outdistance the rest.
Los Angeles (6) – LA knocks on the door of the Elite Five.
Sydney (12) – Sydney makes a huge move, breaking into the Top 10.
Las Vegas (9) – The intense media spotlight improves Vegas’ ranking.
Berlin (11) – Berlin continues its very strong presence.
Tokyo (6) – Tokyo remains the capital of the Asian Fashion Industry.

E la cosa terrribile è che Bangkok e San Paolo sono uscite fuori dalla celeberrima classifica.

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