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Coldplay, cultural dividers.

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Coldplay. Fortuna che gli altri singoli compensino Violet Hill. L’album non è male, in fondo. E poi. A una settimana dal lancio, Viva la Vida ha già raggiunto un bel risultato. Record assoluto di prevendite su iTunes. E si appresta a superare X&Y. L’album più venduto della storia di iTunes.

Detto ciò, il successo di pubblico sembra essere inversamente proporzionale a quello della critica. Ultimo, Andy Gill dell’Independent, che li accusa di provocare danni ad un’intera generazione musicale britannica.

Pompous, mawkish, and unbearably smug, Coldplay have conquered the charts with the sonic equivalent of wilted spinach. And in the process, they’ve poisoned an entire generation of British rock music.

Sempre Gill.

In the event, the album is almost
exactly as I expected (…) The rhythms are a bit busier, and a bit
more ethnic, and Chris Martin’s little falsetto catch – one of modern
music’s most irritating tropes – has been rationed out more
parsimoniously. (Thanks, Eno!) (…) But it does seem to be the case
that Coldplay have become one of those definitive cultural dividers,
the twain of which shall never meet. They’re sort of the anti-Sex
Pistols, an act that repulses not through outrage, bad manners and poor
grooming, but through their inoffensive niceness and emollient

La stroncatura è ripresa da altri media. Tra cui il LA Times, che, tramite la penna di Ann Powers, afferma.

might not elevate the intellect, but it helps in a tired, over-wired
culture. We’re all so distracted that we need to be reminded of the
obvious, again and again. This helps explain the popularity of Coldplay

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