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Esilarante (o quasi) articolo sui tentativi di un Italiano, Riccardo Bevilacqua, della divisione di Fisica Nucleare Applicata all’Universit√† di Uppsala (Svezia), di ottenere un ID svedese.

(…) She was greatly surprised when she asked to see my passport and I answered that I did not have it with me. “And how did you enter Sweden without a passport?” she wondered. I did not know if it was better to explain to her that it is possible to travel from Italy to Sweden with just a national ID, or if I had to tell her that actually I did not come directly from Italy to Ica, but have in fact lived in Sweden for a year and had just come from home where there is no passport control at the door.

Tra i commenti, memorabile:

God bless Sweden and their next generation of American citizen.

Il tutto via El Bebecius.


Ho appena girato l’articolo alla mia collega svedese.

Non ha gradito per nulla…


Piccola vendetta italica nei confronti dei vikinghi…

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