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Masses, and individuals, in China.

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Mi piace il blog di James Fallows di The Atlantic, perchè è americano e perchè scrive come pochi americani sarebbero capaci. D’altra parte, vive a Pechino e sappiamo bene quanto vivere all’estero permetta di comprendere a fondo il proprio Paese (quasi mai quello in cui si vive). Parlando di bambini e della recente tragedia del terremoto in Cina.

The human scale of almost anything in China is predictably shocking. I go to a city I’d never heard of – say, Zibo – and learn that it has about as many people as Chicago. I go to a city I have heard of and learn that estimates of its population are accurate only within a couple million. And of course we now have the staggering figures coming out from Sichuan province and its surroundings — about 900 children trapped in one school, tens of thousands missing in another town, whole villages being swallowed up by landslides. America has never known mass tragedy on this scale — or even on a pro-rated version of this scale. China has of course known it many times.

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