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Try that with an oyster.

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mc donalds

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The Atlantic di oggi.

A little over a century ago, the New York street food of choice was the oyster, which grew so abundantly that rich and poor alike ate them in vast quantities. That period feels distant and fantastic, partly because oysters are now a luxury food, and partly because it’s hard to imagine a national cuisine not dominated by the hamburger.

Il post nasce dalla pubblicazione di The Hamburger, Yale University Press, e racconta il processo della nascita dei fast food, con qualche perla inedita.

Dave Thomas, the genius behind Wendy’s, invented the drive-through window, capitalizing on the sandwich’s key virtue – its portability. You can eat a hamburger as you drive (try that with an oyster).


affascinante. grazie per la segnalazione, mi sa che mi compro il libro. è l’età, dici? ,-)

Portabilità: ecco la parola magica.

PS: si, è l’età.

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