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Showgirls and Xenophobes.

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Chi scrive su Spiegel sembra mostrare per il signor Silvio Berlusconi lo stesso entusiasmo espresso piĆ¹ volte dai colleghi dell’Economist.

Berlusconi, at any rate, is no longer just a disaster that can simply be ignored. (…) Europe will have to put up with Berlusconi for a few more years to come.

E anche

The Berlusconi phenomenon now bears some similarity to French Gaullism or Peronism in Argentina: a charismatic leader who is hated as passionately as he is worshipped, and who possesses the ability to gauge the public mood and act accordingly. Depending on the market situation, he can be a rebel or a conservative, liberal or authoritarian. He is a chameleon of convictions, with an infallible sense for current opportunities.

Chiusura in crescendo.

These are exciting times in Italy.

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