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Il ritorno del giullare.

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Ancora la stampa rossa internazionale, ancora quegli insopportabili comunisti dell’Economist.

Most of Mr Berlusconi’s jests have been either silly (the claim that he spoke Latin well enough to have lunch with Julius Caesar) or sexist in a way that did not seem to damage him (his view that right-wing women were better-looking than lefties). But on April 8th, a more sinister side re-emerged when Mr Berlusconi said that state prosecutors, like those who have been chasing him through the courts since the early 1990s, should undergo periodic mental-health checks. His main rival, Walter Veltroni of the centre-left Democratic Party, demanded an assurance of Mr Berlusconi’s loyalty to state institutions.

(e per fortuna non hanno ancora commentato la cazzata dei bolli auto).

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