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I Müllers.

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I Müllers vivono a Colonia. Sono sposati, da diciassette anni.

The Müllers spent two weeks of the year on vacation – in Germany -
and on Jan. 1, 2008, they discovered that they had gained 370 grams (13
ounces) over the holidays. Thomas is 45, 1.79 meters (5’10″) tall, is
slightly overweight at 83.5 kilograms (184 lbs), and earns €3,702
($5,923) a month gross. His wife, Sabine, is three years his junior,
1.66 meters (5’5″) tall and weighs a little under 67 kilos (148
pounds). She works part-time, wears her hair long but not too long,
runs the household on her own and likes reading horoscopes.

Der Spiegel pubblica oggi uno studio (in inglese, tranquilli) sui tedeschi di oggi. Chi sono, cosa vogliono, in cosa credono (ed è interessante il mix di domande: in cosa credono, quanto sono orgogliosi di essere tedeschi, cosa mangiano a colazione, a che ora si svegliano, eccetera).

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