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How the Risotto won over the Bulgur.

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Il Turkish Daily News spiega la vittoriosa strategia di Milano (la Risotto strategy) nell’assegnazione dell’Expo e, tra le righe, ci prende allegramente per i fondelli.

What are the lessons learned? First ,count the votes, as always. Secondly, don’t work necessarily on the big powers–China, Russia and even the United States (…). Try the transversal alliances. Think of that San Marino vote, and so many other small countries. But enlist some of the more multi ethnic cards, for example: Youssou N’Dour, the magnetic Senegalese performer who gave his lilting music to the final Milan presentation in Paris and soccer player Clarence Seedorf, a product of Surinam and Holland and a Milan team player. Third, never give up and immediately fight back any attacks. When Koreans and Chinese ban mozzarella cheese because of the danger of dioxin, eat mozzarella under the glare of the television lights. When the mainstream media speak about “The mess in Italy” clean upyour city and make investment promises.


Thus after 102 years, an Expo, the World’s Fair, returns to Milan.
Business will flow in, skyscraper towers will rise up. May they not
follow the destiny of the tower of Babel. But out the true grit of the
Italian style and substance that usually wins over the world.

E by the way, la fantomatica Torre è già causa della prima discussione tutta nostrana sull’Expo prossimo venturo.

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