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GD4D [Living Darfur].

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Domani, sabato dodici, in anticipo sul resto del mondo causa Elezioni 08, si terrĂ  in Italia il Global Day for Darfur.

Italians for Darfur promote the 3rd Global Day for Darfur in Italy, with exhitibitions and speeches of activists and darfuri refugees near the Colosseum, in Rome, 12 April. Due to the election day in Italy, the GDFD has been scheduled a day before the international appointement.

Tra i tanti che si sono mobilitati, i Mattafix. Con lo splendido Living Darfur e il suo video, girato in un campo profughi in Chad e interamente pagato da Mike Jagger.

There’s disaster in your past
Boundaries in your path
What do you desire will lift you higher?
You don’t have to be extraordinary, just forgiving.
You shall rise.

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