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Supporto Tecnico.

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Storie di ordinario Supporto Tecnico.

Caller: Hey, can you help me? My computer has locked up, and no matter how many times I type eleven, it won’t unfreeze.
Agent: What do you mean, “type eleven?”
Caller: The message on my screen says, “Error Type 11!”
Caller: So, I’m having a problem with my mouse? It’s, like, squeaking? (nota: squittire)
Agent: I’m sorry, did you say squeaking?
Caller: That’s right. The faster I move it across the screen, the louder it squeaks.
Agent: I’m sorry–are you pressing your mouse up against the screen?
Caller: Well, sure! There’s a message that says, “Click here to continue!”

Il resto รจ qui, via NYT.

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