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Dopo due anni di silenzio, i rossi internazionali tornano ad impiccciarsi degli affari nostrani. Questa volta non si tratta dei signori dell’Economist, ma, guarda un pò, dei rossi del WSJ:

Mr. Berlusconi last week came out against the proposed sale of Alitalia. His musings could soon be official policy and sink the one thing that stands between the Italian flag carrier and bankruptcy. They are also a signal of his lack of commitment to economic reform.

Il WSJ ricorda anche qualche aneddoto del passato governo del signor SilvioB:

Mr. Berlusconi promised tax cuts, labor-market reforms, and liberalization and failed to deliver on most counts. GDP grew by a cumulative 3.6% in his five years — worse than France’s 8.6% or even Germany’s 4.5% during that time period, much less Spain’s 17.7% or Britain’s 13.4%.

e conclude con un affondo ignobile.

As this episode shows, Mr. Berlusconi has turned out to be more of a corporatist averse to free-market competition than an economic liberal willing to do what Italy needs to revive its faltering economy. He’s also a politician willing to do anything to regain power. That’s hardly good news for Alitalia, or for Italy.

Dopo due anni di silenzio, la stampa (rossa) internazionale torna a occuparsi di noi. Ho un brutto presentimento. Credetemi.

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