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Come rendere reali le notizie che non lo sono.

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Il senatore McCain, candidato Repubblicano alle Presidenziali, continua a fare una leggera confusione tra sunniti e shiiti e tra Iran, Iraq e Al Qaeda. La Bush-way.

For the third time in two days, the Arizona Republican has pushed the definitively false statement that the terrorist group Al-Qaeda was getting assistance from Iran, even though he was publicly ridiculed for the same false assertion on Tuesday. This time, in a statement from his campaign honoring the fifth year anniversary of the war, McCain wrote: “Today in Iraq, America and our allies stand on the precipice of winning a major victory against radical Islamic extremism. (…) Al Qaeda and Shia extremists — with support from external powers such as Iran — are on the run but not defeated.”

Un fine oratore come Obama non poteva lasciarsi sfuggire la ghiotta occasione.

Just yesterday, we heard Senator McCain confuse Sunni and Shiite, Iran and al Qaeda. Maybe that is why he voted to go to war with a country that had no al Qaeda ties. Maybe that is why he completely fails to understand that the war in Iraq has done more to embolden America’s enemies than any strategic choice that we have made in decades.

Ora, però, ripensandoci. Non è una gaffe. Non è confusione. E’ fine strategia. Bush docet. Nota infatti Daily Kos:

All recent evidence has indicated that McCain has simply internalized the central Bush lesson of his war: if the facts are against your desired policy, make up new facts and continue on your way. A sufficient percentage of the population will believe it.

Bene. E adesso veniamo al punto. Non vi vengono in mente le continue uscite di un noto personaggio nostrano? Fine strategia, signori. Questa è nient’altro che fine strategia. A sufficient percentage of the population will believe it.

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