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Evolution of (tech company) logos.

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Il post su Neatorama apre le porte ai ricordi e mette in funzione la parte destra del cervello (prima di mettere in moto anche la sinistra e dar vita a tipiche considerazioni da marketer). Si scoprono così storie come quella che riporto qui.

The first Apple logo was a complex picture of Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. The logo was inscribed: “Newton … A Mind Forever Voyaging Through Strange Seas of Thought … Alone.” It was designed by Ronald Wayne, who along with Wozniak and Jobs, actually founded Apple Computer. (…) Jobs thought that the overly complex logo had something to do with the slow sales of the Apple I, so he commissioned Rob Janoff of the Regis McKenna Agency to design a new one. Janoff came up with the iconic rainbow-striped Apple logo used from 1976 to 1999.

Rumor has it that the bite on the Apple logo was a nod to Alan Turing, the father of modern computer science who committed suicide by eating a cyanide-laced apple. Janoff, however, said in an interview that though he was mindful of the “byte/bite” pun (Apple’s slogan back then: “Byte into an Apple”), he designed the logo as such to “prevent the apple from looking like a cherry tomato.”

In 1998, supposedly at the insistence of Jobs, who had just returned to the company, Apple replaced the rainbow logo (“the most expensive bloody logo ever designed” said Apple President Mike Scott) with a modern-looking, monochrome logo.

L’intero post, con la storia dei loghi di Adobe, Apple, Canon, Google, IBM, LG Electronics, Microsoft, Motorola, Mozilla Firefox, Nokia, Nortel, Palm, Xerox, è qui.

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