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Cerca di dirci qualcosa.

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Chris Alden, CEO di SixApart cerca di dirci qualcosa con questo lungo post sul suo blog e sul blog ufficiale di SixApart. Peccato che non si capisca bene cosa.

(…) Even if you never have or never will use a Six Apart product or service for your blogging, even if you are the most ardent WordPress supporter, you ought to rejoice in the fact that Six Apart and Movable Type are going to push, push, push the art and science of blogging forward and that we are committed to making blogging powerful and easy. While we have competed, MT and WP have helped each other in a fundamental way — we by introducing blogging features and capabilities that they have not, and they by making blogging simpler and easier to use where we have not.

Vuole forse metterci al corrente della sua profonda amicizia con i signori di WordPress? O che sta per comprarseli? Un messaggio subliminale? Mah. Spiegatemi voi.

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