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Merrill, camminando su sentieri più scuri.

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Un’unica certezza. Merrill Lynch è in crisi. Annunciate spaventose perdite. Di quanto, ahimè, non si da a saperlo. MarketWatch annuncia:

Wall Street titan Merrill Lynch & Co Inc was the latest financial-services firm humbled by the credit crisis, writing off $11.5 bn of bad debt and derivatives, and reporting a loss of $9.8 bn.

BBC la pensa diversamente.

The company said it had made a net loss of $7.8bn (£3.9bn) in the 12 months to the end of December. Included in those results is a massive $14.1bn write-down on investments related to sub-prime mortgages.

CNN Money però non è del tutto d’accordo.

Merrill Lynch & Co. reported a quarterly operating loss of more than $10 bn Thursday that was much worse than expected, while it announced an $11.5 bn writedown related to the subprime crisis.

Piesse. Tutto sta nel fare attenzione ai net e agli operating. Ma qualche discordanza, direi, comunque c’è.

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