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Marketing Principles.

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Immerso nella stesura di piani marketing, nel riadattamento di budget e piani di investimento e nel coordinamento di un Marketing Summit annuale (in una sola parola: cazzeggiando) mi sono imbattuto nei Marketing Principles di alcune stranote aziende hi-tech.

I celeberrimi 7 Principi del Marketing di Google:

  1. Results must be trackable.
  2. Promote trial.
  3. Let others speak for you.
  4. Data. Not Hype.
  5. You’re smart. And your time matters.
  6. We’re serious. Except while we’re not.
  7. Big ideas move us

e i 5 principi del Marketing di Apple:

  1. Don’t sell products. People buy what other people have.
  2. Never be the first to market. Make something good greater.
  3. Empower early adopters. help your customers help you.
  4. Make your message memorable.
  5. Go one step further. Surprise and delight your customers.

Provo allora ad immaginarmi i 5 principi di un’azienda tra le top 10 delle Best Companies to Incazz For. Telecom Italia, ad esempio.

  1. Never give away products or services
  2. Takes advantage of customer inexperience with your services/products
  3. Don’t tell customers what they can discover after one year.
  4. Don’t ask permissions. Think about a later justification.
  5. We are not smart. And customers know that.

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