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Vagabonding 2007.

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E così, rieccomi in viaggio. Monaco, per la precisione. Baviera, non Principato. Viaggio breve. Venerdì sera sarò a casa. Mi piace ciò che scrive Cathleen Johnson di Edelman sui viaggi e sul tornare a casa. Sul suo blog. Perchè è esattamente ciò che penso.

(…) I could get used to this [staying home], I think. But then I look around and realize that travel is mandatory for me. Not just because it’s what I do for a living, but because it’s what shapes my life and allows me to be happy being home. I love being home because it’s filled with the places I have been. The things, the art, the pictures, the books I read, the stories I tell to my friends and family – so much of it is about traveling and experiencing other places. When I head out again this week I’ll have a new appreciation for the fact that all of my travels build my life, but home is where I have the chance to savor it.

E adesso è tempo di provare il piumino retrattile scandinavo-bavarese. Saluti.

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