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Guai in Vista.

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Secondo FSF, Free Software Foundation, Vista sarà l’inizio della fine, per Microsoft (vabbè; lasciamo perdere l’ennesima predizione e diamo un’occhiata alle argomentazioni). Infatti.

Vista is being marketed to content producers, not consumers. If Windows XP was Microsoft’s attempt to embed a browser into the operating system then Vista is the attempt to embed DRM. Digital Rights Management technology has been applied to literally every ring of the OS architecture.

e anche 

These changes won’t enhance user security unfortunately as they were designed to protect only “premium content”. Medical data, credit card numbers, and other private things that do deserve this level of protection are completly ignored. Untrusting of any environmental changes the system will shut down or degrade performance in response to a perceived attack.

E a chi ribatte che la protezione dei contenuti è, in fondo, un bene anche per gli utenti, FSF risponde: 

(…) copyrigth protection does not directly benefit the user. Although it might seem a good argument that this gives more income to the developer which can be invested in better products, in the practice this is not real: most of big companies (specally, but not limited to, Microsoft), set exageratedly abusive prices on their products, of which only a minimum part is invested in improving the products and most of it goes to the pockets of high executives in the company.

Insomma, guai in Vista [l’intero post è qui, via FSF].

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