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Finanza creativa.

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La Norvegia rivede tutti i suoi PIL (GDP, Gross Domestic Product) dal Settanta ad oggi. Come risultato, puf!, tutti i PIL aumentano in media dello 0.8 percento.

The Norwegian National Accounts has been revised back to 1970. As a result, the level of GDP at current prices has risen 0.8 per cent on average. The year-to-year growth rates of GDP at constant prices have also been revised. The main reason for revising the time series has been to adapt to international recommendations for the treatment of financial intermediation services and value added taxes (VAT). For the most recent years, other items have also been recalculated.

Tutto ciò sarebbe piaciuto ai Sigg. Berlusconi e Tremonti. Peccato davvero che non ci abbiano pensato. [Ref.: Statistic Norway]. 

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