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La triste fine dell’iPod killer.

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Qualcuno non aveva dubbi. Pronostici confermati. Ecco, infatti. Il nuovo Zune di Microsoft. Dal Chicago Sun-Times, via Manteblog, via Slashdot.

Yes, Microsoft’s new Zune digital music player is just plain dreadful. I’ve spent a week setting this thing up and using it, and the overall experience is about as pleasant as having an airbag deploy in your face. "Avoid," is my general message. The Zune is a square wheel, a product that’s so absurd and so obviously immune to success that it evokes something akin to a sense of pity.

E ancora.

The iPod owns 85 percent of the market because it deserves to. Apple consistently makes decisions that benefit the company, the users and the media publishers – and they continue to innovatively expand the device’s capabilities without sacrificing its simplicity. Companies such as Toshiba and Sandisk (with its wonderful Nano-like Sansa e200 series) compete effectively with the iPod by asking themselves, "What are the things that users want and Apple refuses to provide?" Microsoft’s colossal blunder was to knock the user out of that question and put the music industry in its place. Result: The Zune will be dead and gone within six months.

Il testo integrale è qui. Per non parlare del video dell’umiliante presentazione dello Zune in CNN (cercate su YouTube con "Zune CNN"). E dell’immensa contropromozione che si è scatenata sui blog del pianeta. Qui, via Technorati.

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